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Horaires: 19.04.2019 de 07:00 à 07:00

Scenario : Speed and accuracy

The goal of this drill is to increase speed at changing shooting stances, while maintaining accuracy. There will be 5 series over a target. You can use 2 joined A4 sheets of paper as target. For each series, distance to the target will change from 5 to 10, 15, 20 and 30 yards. Start with you gun with safety on, standing alert position. Wait for the signal, adopt the corresponding position, take safety off, and shoot twice, in 4 seconds. Repeat the drill, in position standing alert, kneeling, squatting, and supine. Once the series is complete, change the distance to the target and start a new series. The series is valid if in every drill the target is hit. If in any drill the target wasn't hit, you have to repeat the entire series. After the series are succesfully completed, change the time to 3 seconds. If successful again, change it to 2 seconds and repeat! If you can complete the series in 2 seconds, you are an advanced airsoft shooter! If you have a partner, he can give you the signal for each drill. If you are alone, you can use your cellphone, downloading any shoot timer app from Internet!

Durée: Min: 15, Max: 0

Nombre de joueur: Min: 1, Max: 10

Niveau: 1


Element nécessaire: Target (A4 sheets of paper and tape will do) Extra magazines Vest or belt with magazine pouches