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Informations générales

Adresse: Lieux-dit

Horaires: 25.05.2019 de 12:00 à 12:00

Scenario : Snipers: Overwatch

Players are split into two teams, Red team and Blue team. There will be three Red Team players for each two Blue Team players. The Blue Team players goal is to reach the extraction point. Red Team mission consists of taking out as many Blue Team Players as they can avoiding extractions. All players carry secondary markers (pistols) or short-range guns (shotguns or similar ones). There will be one Blue team player designated as a sniper who will carry a sniper gun, with a substancial difference in range and firepower. On opposite sides of the field, there will be an entry point and a extraction point for the Blue team. Ten minutes before the game starts, Blue Team Sniper player will enter the field and take position in order to provide effective covering fire for his team. Three minutes before the game starts, Red Team will enter the field and take position to prevent Blue Team players from reaching the extraction point. Finally, the Blue team players enter the field, individually or at a regular intervals, or all together according to their strategy. Red team players can not approach within 50 meters from the extraction point. There will be no respawn. The Red team scores one point for each player taken out and the Blue team scores one point for each player that reaches the extraction point. The sniper does not score points for any team. The field should ideally have open areas with some cover and high ground favorable positions for the sniper. The game ends when all Blue Team players were taken out or reached the extraction point, except for the sniper. The team that scored more points wins the game!

Durée: Min: 15, Max: 20

Nombre de joueur: Min: 4, Max: 10

Niveau: 4

Variations: Under pressure: The game will have a time limit, for example 15 minutes. Players who have not reached the extraction point in time, count as points for the Red team! Opponent's suppresive fire: The Red team also has a sniper in his team entering the game!

Element nécessaire: Elements to mark out the entry point and the extraction point. Chronometer/Watch.