My 2nd game

Informations générales

Adresse: tretw

Horaires: 14.04.2019 de 20:00 à 20:00

Scenario : Lateral shooting position: turn and shoot

Place an A4 sheet of paper as target. The shooter is positioned sideways to the target at 5 yards distance from the target, standing alert. At the signal, he turns his body and feet facing the target then shoots the target 4 times. All shots must hit the target to consider the drill valid. Once you have mastered it, try to lower the time. Practice right and left turns, with rifle and with pistol. Intercalate different distances to the target, from 2 yards to 20 yards, so you don't lose the target acquisition job.

Durée: Min: 10, Max: 0

Nombre de joueur: Min: 1, Max: 0

Niveau: 3

Variations: Unexpected side: If you have a partner, place targets on both sides, with the shooter in the middle. Your partner will shout a side (left-right) on which to engage a target.

Element nécessaire: Target (A4 sheets of paper and tape will do)