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Adresse: Lieux-dit

Horaires: 30.04.2019 de 20:00 à 20:00

Scenario : Water is life

Players are split equally into two teams, Red team and Blue team. Each team will have a respawn zone at opposite sides of the field. There is no respawn limit. Each team will have a water tank which must protect from the opposing team. This deposit should be placed at a safe distance from each other and respawn zones, 100 yards at least. A reservoir will be represented by a chair or a table with a garbage bag on it. Use a bucket to fill both bags with exactly the same amount of water. Close them tight . Attach a piece of cloth or ribbon with the color indicating which team the water tank belongs to. Make sure that the bags don't leak at the start of the game. Deposits must be placed in open areas with no cover. The goal of each team is to make holes in the opposing tank, to empty it faster. The first bag to be empty indicates the team that loses the game!

Durée: Min: 20, Max: 40

Nombre de joueur: Min: 4, Max: 20

Niveau: 5

Variations: Extra tanks: You can place a few extra tanks, which can be taken by any team. To be valid they must place the tank next to their own tank. The extra tanks can also be stolen! The team that looses all water from all their tanks looses the game!

Element nécessaire: Elements to mark out the respawn zones. Chairs, tables or any other element where to put the water tanks. Garbage bags, a bucket, water, and perhaps tape to close them.