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Informations générales

Adresse: gfdgs

Horaires: 14.04.2019 de 20:00 à 20:00

Scenario : Check drill

The shooters stand next to each other. This excercise is practiced with primary and/or secondary as well. Each shooter will use 2 magazines in belt or vest. A target will be placed at 20 yards, use two joined A4 sheets of paper. At the signal, one shooter shoots the target, in 5 bbs burst, until hit. He then performs a tactical reload, but before starting to reload, shouts "check" so his partner will watch for him. The other shooter will answer "Ok", and then the tactical reload is performed. When finished, the shooter shouts "Ready" indicating he is combat ready again. Change the roles and repeat until no bbs are left. If you have a secondary weapon, continue the drill with it when your primary weapon is empty.

Durée: Min: 10, Max: 0

Nombre de joueur: Min: 2, Max: 0

Niveau: 2


Element nécessaire: Target (A4 sheets of paper and tape will do) Extra mag Tactical Sling Vest or belt with magazine pouches